Through Antonio Drums I have finally found the sound I have been searching for. This kind of craftsmanship is one of the lost arts in this world, and I am very thankful that Antonio Drums find it worth while to put in that extra effort needed to offer the modern drummer of today an extraordinary product with a superior sound!

This is how drums are supposed to be made, but these days most manufacturers go the shortcut way...

Putting in that little extra, however, makes a huge difference in the sound — which in turns makes me play better and much more musically. Thank you Anton!

Ricard Huxflux Nettermalm, Sweden

What is so special about Antonio Drums? They sound the best possible, big, warm, colorfull, rich and incredibly articulated. If you have dreamed about having the warmth of vintage Ludwig, attack of the 70's Gretch and singing hi aliquotes of modern hi-end drums in one, you should play Antonio drums. Antonio Drums are hand crafted by one talented, highly skilled dum builder who can produce only a very small number of finest sounding instruments per year. Even compared to vintage or modern steam bent drums, they sound much, much better. You can take any of overpriced 2000 years old wood, gold plated, solid shell drum and compare it to Antonio's, and the difference will be noticed immediately, especially when played with your band.

If you don't care about fashion, names and advertising, and you do care about the sound and music, get yourself a wonderfull and uniqe instrument made by the man who knows how to build it.

Kruno Levačić, Croatia

I just wanna thank you for building such a nice drum set! It sounds unbelievable

Patrick Lundin, Sweden

All together, very nice snare, unique indeed. Thank you very much, maybe we'll "work" together in future :)

Tommi Virolainen, Finland

I play Antonio Drums because of their warm, beautiful and articulated sound.

Marko Matošević, Croatia

Hi, snare come today to me. What a snare! First it`s so beautiful but the important is sound. And what a sound, absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much of making that kind of peace of art. It`s nice to have you kind of people in this world (who can make beutiful things with hands). I promise that you have much advertising (positive) here in Finland. Thanks again

Veijo Jokela, Finland

Anyone can make a drum look pretty but very few can make one look and sound Execeptional like you have !

Pete Angelone, USA

Hi Anton The snare have landed and it sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first thought was.......i wonder how a whole kit would sound???? So thats my next investment in a near future. Thanks again.

Christer Bjorklund, Sweden

It feels warm, dynamic, sensitive. It looks great and its made from wood taken from the same forests that Stradivarius used.. :)

Carl Persson, Sweden

I would like to thank you for the Snare Drum! The drum is fantastic and it's a real joy to play on it!!!! Best wishes from Germany!

Frank Lorenz, percussionist of Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra, Germany

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